Pre-Recorded Talks

⬆️ Series Invariants for 3-Manifolds and Categorification John Chae (UC Davis)

⬆️ Categorification of Jones Polynomial Nilangshu Bhattacharyya (Louisiana State University)

⬆️ Convergence of the Weighted Yamabe Flow Zetian Yan (Penn State University)

⬆️ Right-Angled Links in Thickened SurfacesRose Kaplan-Kelly (Temple University)

⬆️ Pillowcase Homology and Character Varieties of TanglesKai Smith (Indiana University)

⬆️ Fixed Point-Free Pseudo-Anosovs and the CinquefoilBraeden Reinoso (Boston College)

⬆️ Algebraic Quantum Field Theory in the Operad PictureMatthew Alexander (University of Regina)

⬆️ Asymptotics of the Turaev-Viro Invariants for Some Families of 3-ManifoldsJoseph Melby (Michigan State University)

⬆️ Equivariant Cohomology in Algebraic Geometry and Steiner’s ProblemDohoon Kim (University of Maryland)