Student Talks

⬆️ A Farey Tree Structure on a Family of Pseudo-Anosov BraidsEthan Farber (Boston College)

⬆️ Seiberg-Witten Floer K-Theory and Cyclic Group Actions on Spin 4-Manifolds with BoundaryIan Montague (Brandeis University)

⬆️ An Alexander Method for Infinite-Type SurfacesRoberta Shapiro (Georgia Tech)

⬆️ Quandle Coloring and the Triple Point NumberNicholas Cazet (UC Davis)

⬆️ Branch GroupsBrian Pinsky (Rutgers University)

⬆️ Hyperbolic 3-Manifold Groups and Finite QuotientsTam Cheetham-West (Rice University)

⬆️ Rolling Balls on Hills – A Nice Reduction of the Yang-Mills Equation under SymmetryKeshav Sutrave (Michigan State University)

⬆️ Blowing Up and Down with Knot TracesKai Nakamura (University of Texas at Austin)

⬆️ Milnor’s Invariants for Knots in Spherical 3-ManifoldsRyan Stees (Indiana University Bloomington)

⬆️ Almost Complex Manifolds and Homotopy Complex Projective SpacesKeith Mills (University of Maryland, College Park)

⬆️ Foam Evaluation and Legendrian SurfacesAmit Kumar (Louisiana State University)

⬆️ Totally Geodesic Surfaces in Knot Complements with Small Crossing NumberRebekah Palmer (Temple University)

⬆️ The Geometry of Big Mapping ClassesYassin Chandran (CUNY Graduate Center)

⬆️ Legendrian Weaves and D-type Lagrangian FillingsJames Hughes (UC Davis)

⬆️ Sutured Decompositions and Detection Results for Knot Floer HomologyFraser Binns (Boston College)

⬆️ Differential Cohomology and Virasoro Central ExtensionsLeon Liu (Harvard University)

⬆️ Triple Knot Grid DiagramsSarah Blackwell (University of Georgia)